Probuild reshaping Melbourne's skyline

March 2015

Probuild is reshaping the face of Melbourne’s skyline, with the 30-storey portrait of indigenous leader William Barak featuring an innovative building material setting a new benchmark in design and construction.

The Swanston Square project, adorned with a one-of-a-kind 80 metre façade depicting the portrait of Barak, is four times the height of Mount Rushmore in the USA and was made possible through the use of a new and emerging building material.

Probuild oversaw the manufacture and installation of 406 individual panels made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), a resin-based composite used to create the face of Barak.

More commonly associated with the building of aircraft and super yachts, GRP was chosen because of its flexibility, allowing panels to be moulded into any shape - the ideal choice for what is more an artistic sculpture than functional facade.

Proud to see the result of three years of hard work by the Probuild project team, Construction Director Seamus Egan congratulates Grocon and ARMs vision.

“The façade is an important architectural step forward in what is primarily a commercially-driven apartment industry,” Mr Egan said.

“We hope this will influence future clients to contribute to Melbourne's arts culture via their buildings.

“Probuild believes creative design encourages innovative emerging materials such as GRP and an innovative approach to construction.

“The façade will hopefully mark the beginning of a significant movement for the construction industry."

In addition to the use of GRP in the Swanston Square project, Probuild believes new materials will become a fixture in future projects. As a durable and flexible material, GRP is already being used as a substitute in other Probuild projects, including Eastland Shopping Centre.

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