Marina Tower’s Building Maintenance Unit

August 2017

Standing at 140m high and just a little bit crooked, Marina Tower is an iconic addition to the Docklands skyline.

Take a closer (birds-eye) look and you’ll see there are permanently mounted glass panels on top of the tower. Fully concealed by this glass roof lies the sky scraper’s Building Maintenance Unit (BMU). 

A BMU provides workers with a platform to complete tasks such as cleaning or maintaining the facade – during construction and ongoing. It provides a support frame for maintenance workers to access the outside of the building in a safe environment.

At Marina Tower, the BMU can extend up to 23 metres, meaning that workers are safely suspended at a maximum height of 163m when first extending out.

The complete unit weighs approximately 25 tonnes and is a considerable investment, taking into account the design and engineering challenges involved in this impressive feat. 

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